Sunday, January 04, 2009

Garden Plan #1

Front Garden Plants
Anchor plant: Arborvitae Evergreen. Okay, true confession, our arborvitae doesn't look as fresh, green or even as erect as the one pictured from the Jung Seed Company.

Focal plant: Black Knight Butterfly Bush (Buddleja davidii). We're plan to transplant the butterfly bush that really does look similar to the one from the Michigan Seed Company. This is a great plant and it smells heavenly.

Accent plant #1: Purple Sage (Salvia nemorosa ). We plan to divide and transplant the salvia that looks like this one from Nature Hills Nursery.

Accent plant #2: Seashell Cosmos from Gurney's Seeds. Annual flowers that are easily grown from seeds, they bloom over a long period and allow you to enjoy a whole new look every year. Mass large numbers of them in beds and borders for a stunning color display, or tuck smaller numbers of them into perennial planting that need a little extra pizzazz.

Groundcover: Ribbon grass.

Edging plant: Purple Palace Coral Bells.

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