Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flowering Kale

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Frost-tolerant flowering kale is a perfect choice for adding color and texture to late-season containers. Try a handful of varieties to create a bold look.

A. Flowering kale (Brassica 'Osaka White') -- 2

B. Flowering kale (Brassica 'Pigeon Purple') -- 1

C. Flowering kale (Brassica 'Redbor') -- 1

Better Homes and Gardens says: "Thank goodness for kale. It's one of the few plants available to add a fresh burst of color and life to the fall landscape! It's leaves come with beautiful variegations in pinks, purples, and reds that blend beautifully with changing autumn foliage. Plant it in spring or in the fall, after you tear out tired or frost-damaged annuals, such as marigolds and impatiens. It likes rich, well-drained but moist soil."

Shown above: Red Pigeon flowering kale

Light: Sun, Part Sun

Plant Type: Annual

Plant Height: 12-18 inches tall

Plant Width: 12-18 inches wide

Landscape Uses: Containers, Beds & Borders

Special Features: Attractive Foliage, Easy to Grow
source: Better Homes and Gardens

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