Thursday, July 23, 2009


The jester of the shade, coleus unfailing provides vivid color and wild markings even in the darkest corners of your yard. Coleus is super easy to grow -- just plant it in a shady spot, give it water, a little fertilizer, and it thrives.

Happily, coleus isn't just for shade. You can also pick from a number of sun-tolerant varieties that offer beautiful, brightly colored foliage for full-sun spots.

When frost threatens, have some fun and take cuttings, each about 6 inches long, from coleus. Put them in a glass of water in a windowsill and let them root, then pot them up and enjoy them as houseplants in a sunny window until spring. Then plant them outdoors once again!

Light: Sun, Part Sun, Shade
Zones: 10-11
Plant Type: Annual, Perennial, Indoor Plant
Plant Height: 1-4 feet tall
Plant Width: 1-3 feet wide
Landscape Uses: Containers, Beds & Borders
Special Features: Attractive Foliage, Easy to Grow

source: Better Homes and Gardens

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