Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cowpots - Natural Manure Pot

CowPots are a biodegradable planting pot made from composted cow manure. Your plants will love these pots!CowPots were created by a group of dairy-farming brothers in Connecticut. Since 1997, they are one of only a few farms across the United States to have continuously run a methane digester. This is a process in which the raw manure from the cows is heated and stored in a large tank. The methane gas is collected and burned. At the end of this process, the solids are separated from the liquid. The liquid goes back to the field to grow next year's crops which feed the cows. The solids continue composting. It is this composted manure that is weed-seed free and is used to mold CowPots. Farmers and gardeners have always considered cow manure a wholesome organic soil amendment for their gardens.

This product helps farmers reduce the nutrient load on their farms which directly contributes to a better and cleaner environment. They have been proven to grow bigger, better plants for the consumers who have no plastic to discard and overload our landfills. The ideal product for farmers and growers.

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