Friday, December 26, 2008

Surefire Color Combos For Your Garden

All of the flowers in your garden may be beautiful but, Dimmock observes, that doesn't mean they all look good together. You can achieve more harmony and personality in your garden by taking a little time to mix and match your plant colors.
A rule of thumb: Don't combine more than three colors. Of course, says Dimmock, nothing you choose can be wrong, as such - it's all a matter of personal taste - but there are some combinations that are almost universally pleasing.
Dimmock started with a pot that had a hodgepodge of colors. She then showed two options that are still quite colorful, but much more harmonious: a complimentary pot of blue and yellow flowers, and a contrasting pot of blue and red flowers. Both were in blue-glazed pots, which further enhanced the color choices. Basically, the two pots were almost identical, except Dimmock switched out the yellow flowers for red. That simple change made an amazing difference. Dimmock says different color combinations invoke different moods. Reds, oranges and yellows are "hot" - these busy, active colors give energy to your garden. "Cool" colors - pastels - are more restful

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