Monday, December 29, 2008

Collard Greens Nutrition

Nutritional Facts:
One cup of collard greens is only 49 calories, but it is packed with nutrtion.
Good points
Very high in calcium - 25%
Very high in dietary fiber - 12%
Very high in vitamin A - 45%
Very high in vitamin C - 50%
Very high in vitamin K - 800%
Very high in manganese - 53%

Bad points
Very high in sodium - 20%
High in sugar

From the website of the Wold's Healthiest Foods. Long a staple of the Southern United States, collard greens, unlike their cousins kale and mustard greens, have a very mild, almost smoky flavor. Although they are available year-round they are at their best from January through April.

While collard greens share the same botanical name as kale they have their own distinctive qualities. Like kale, collards are one of the non-head forming members of the Brassica family along with broccoli and cauliflower. The dark blue-green leaves that are smooth in texture and relatively broad distinguish them from the frilly edged leaves of kale.

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