Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Growing Broccoli

Grow Broccoli with colorful companions that are easily grown by seeds like marigolds and nasturtiums, layout the garden with the flowers around the border. Plant the broccoli in the center and peppermint or spearmint in the back of the garden.

Broccoli Green Goliath is a Burpee Customer Favorite. Large headed, tight budded, blue-green variety.

Bred especially for the home gardener, to give an early and extended harvest. Large headed, tight budded, blue-green center heads mature over a three-week period, not all at once. Good side shoots follow after center head is harvested. Ready to start picking about 55 days after plants are set or thinned in garden.

GARDEN HINTS: For early start, sow seeds indoors about 6 weeks before outdoor planting time in a sunny area or under plant lights. Sow indoors in late winter or early spring for first crop and then again in summer for a fall crop. Grows best in cool weather and full sun.
Nasturtiums are embarrassingly easy to grow. The seeds are large and they will germinate and grow in any soil. Direct sow the Nasturtium seeds right into the garden. How simple is that. They are non-toxic and eatable. They make an excellent companion for most garden vegetables, since Nasturtiums attract nasty bugs like aphids.
By the seeds from Burpee, Walmart, Walgreens or Lowes. For less than $2.00 you can decorate your garden with a lovely display of flowers effortlessly.

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