Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Plant Swiss Chard For Psychedelic Garden Bling

As psychedelic garden bling, Swiss Chard offers an array of brightly colored stems in funky yellow and reds with deeply colored leaves that range form dark green to almost purple. Swiss Chard is easily grown from seeds or starts. Add plenty of organic materials and loads of sunshine and these beauties will turn your monochromatic green veg patch in to an exotic scene straight out of Jurrasic Park.

Seeds for Swiss Chard are avaliable through the Park Seed Company. The Park Seed Company says, These Rainbow Stems are So Pretty You May Forget the Harvest!A 20-inch plant with stalks of yellow, orange, pink, crimson, purple, white, or green -- many with stripes as well! Some even keep their color after cooking!

Swiss Chard takes about 60 days to maturity. These brilliantly-colored stems are so beautiful that you may forget to harvest the succulent, sweet leaves! Electric yellows, pinks, crimsons, oranges, purples, whites, and greens -- some even striped! -- festoon the 20-inch stems. Many keep their color even after cooking, and all are delightfully festive!

Great in containers and showy enough for the flower garden. In1998 'Bright Lights' received an AAS award and is already a classic asked for by name in nurseries and garden centers. Like all Swiss Chard, it grows readily from seed, and will regrow if leaves are cut back to 2 inches from the crown.

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